Accrochage and deaccrochage services in Fontvieille for the artist Anita Bjørbekk

We are pleased to open, with this first post, that one that we hope to be the first step of a great and long collaboration.

We got in touch, managing Florence Biennale logistics services, with the artist Anita Bjørbekk: she asked our assistance for Florence Biennale and for your participation to RomArt Event.
When we decided to open our art board section to all the artists interested in share their artworks with us, Anita was one of the first artist we contacted, having been captured by her artworks colours and energy.

She was so kind in sending us many pics and information about her art: for her producing art it is more than a simple inner expression, it’s a sort of therapy, a way to turn everything in positivity, projecting it outside.

With her we start publishing not only artworks of artists, but even their statement, biography, their websites and inspirations…she was a kind of pioneer in this sense, and gave us the opportunity to know our artists deeper.

Keeping in touch for art board section updates, we got to know how much Anita was growing her participation to art event around Italy and Europe: email after email to start to think we could collaborate, and it happens.

Anita’s agenda if full of event: in just few months she will take part to 5 different exhibitions, and we were chose for supporting her with artworks transport, installation and deinstallation.
Our first service was in Fontvieille, for Art Monaco event: we help Anita carrying there her artworks, installing and deinstalling her painting and take them back to our storage.

There were 3 paintings of hers exposed, 3 painting that talk about her credo: Find your creativity and find colours inside you.

We are pleased to upload her pics about this event, a post she wrote about it and an interview she released on June about her art experience.

We are planning to publish a news every time she will take part to an exhibition with our ‘backstage’ support.

It is pleasure for all of us of MA-CO ITALIA being witness, step by step, of her success.

MTEC ITALIA è in collaborazione con Mtec Freight Group, gruppo Inglese specializzato nell'imballaggio e nel trasporto di opere d'arte e nelle grandi installazioni.

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